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Alicia Ross

My name is Alicia Ross. I am a Southern girl born and bred, so the love of good food runs deep in my bones. As a writer who loves to travel, explore my hometown, chat over a cup of coffee and cook, I’m glad you’ve stopped by to join the conversation here on Kitchen Scoop.

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What you're saying..

None of my friends can believe that with 1-year-old twins and a
part-time job I am able to make dinner every night. When I tell them about
your cookbooks they are amazed! Thanks again.

Melissa Caldwell
Richmond, VA

Recipe Scoop
Carrot Bisque

Carrot Bisque

Delicious and easy bisque, beautiful in taste and color.


Cuban-Style Stewed Fish

Cuban-Style Stewed Fish

All the bright citrus-y flavors of Cuban-style Stewed Fish in one easy to make 20 minute dinner.

Pumpkin Cobbler

Pumpkin Cobbler

If you’re a pumpkin pie fan then you’re gonna love this recipe. If you think you don’t like pumpkin pies, then you’ve got to taste this cobbler before you decide.

Dairy-free Maple Pumpkin Bread

Dairy-free Maple Pumpkin Bread

Here's a dairy-free pumpkin bread that is as moist and delicious as traditional pumpkin breads. The vegans in your life are gonna' love it!

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