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Alicia Ross

My name is Alicia Ross. I am a Southern girl born and bred, so the love of good food runs deep in my bones. As a writer who loves to travel, explore my hometown, chat over a cup of coffee and cook, I’m glad you’ve stopped by to join the conversation here on Kitchen Scoop.

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I have MANY cookbooks and being the only obvious income in my household I have to watch what I spend on food. One day I was looking for a budget recipe book and I came across Cheap. Fast. Good! This cookbook is the only one that I use now. In this time of economic unrest, this book is a true winner!

--Bradford Thomas

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Homemade Stainless Cleaner

Homemade Stainless Cleaner

Don't settle for streaky stainless appliances, especially when this cleaner is so easy and budget friendly.

Turkey Cranberry Pasta

Turkey Cranberry Pasta

Turkey and cranberries just go together. And in this fresh twist on a pasta salad you'll see why they are meant to be!

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