Easiest Manicotti Method Ever!

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Featured Recipe: Easiest Beef and Cheese Manicotti

Easiest Beef and Cheese Manicotti

Pat H. of Coppell, Texas and I have been talking about manicotti; specifically how to stuff it. I posted the question on my website and got lots of great ideas – everything from using a zipper top plastic bag and “squirting” the filling in to deliberately slicing the manicotti along the top and “sealing” the opening with cheese.
But my favorite answer comes from Ronald P. in Federal Way, Washington:
“Ladies this is not brain surgery. I owned and operated an Italian restaurant in Federal Way. I pre-cooked my regular pasta like spaghetti, and rigatoni, penne and kept them cold till I served them up for customer orders. However, with a stuffed pasta like manicotti you have to do things differently. Ladies, never, never, never, pre-cook your manicotti noodles ahead of time.”
Since then Pat and I have both tried stuffing the uncooked manicotti noodles and are very pleased with the results. Pat reports pre-stuffing is the easiest method she has yet to find.
Since this method does require the ricotta mixture to be “stiff” I decided to beef up my traditional cheese manicotti recipe with ground beef. I absolutely love the hearty filling paired with the al dente noodle of baking the raw manicotti noodles in sauce. No it’s not brain surgery, but I’m sure even brain surgeon like tips and tricks from other pro’s, so thank you Ronald!

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