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From   |  July 18, 2013
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Having flown solo on Kitchen Scoop for over a year now, I've gotten kind of lonely in the kitchen. About the same time I was considering looking for an assistant, a bright, well-spoken young woman who is a current student at UNC- Wilmington contacted me about an intern position. I spoke to her through email and on the phone and thought, this can't be this easy. She's eager, she loves to cook, she's articulate and interested in learning everything I can teach her.

I met her at a local restaurant and our conversation flowed easily and comfortably. I found out she's a NC born and bred girl, just like me. She loves experimenting in the kitchen and wants to learn all about cooking. She loves Food Network and scours Pinterest for great recipes, interesting commentary and fashion. We share the same appreciation in movies and she loves my new hometown, Wilmington as much as I do.

I'm thinking to myself: "OK what's wrong with this girl? Is she real? Is this a joke? Who knew what I needed and is playing this massive practical joke on me?" (I know- my cynicism is showing.)

But it turns out, she's as real as I am. And better at being my assistant than I ever thought she could be. Taylor will hopefully be with us through the end spring next year and I'm excited to see what we can cook up in the meantime.

Enough out of me. I'll let Taylor tell you about herself:

"Hey y'all! My name is Taylor Gaither and I was born, raised, and still reside in North Carolina. I migrated from Hickory, NC to Wilmington in 2010 when I began my freshman year at UNCW.  The time, as it always seems to do, has flown. Now I am now approaching my senior year. My friends all are well aware of my love affair with food, particularly bacon and butter. In fact, close friends call me "Big Tay" because of my big appetite. So I can't wait to share some of my experiences in the kitchen, around town and in life with you here on Kitchen Scoop!"

As you can see from her beautiful picture (Thank you Rachel Ross!), the only thing that is big about her is her personality and appetite. A girl who will eat - That's my kind of girl!

Taylor will begin tomorrow sharing her reviews of local restaurants and views on life from her perspective. Her help testing and re-testing recipes, assisting me on video shoots and loading all this content into the computer will hopefully free me up to do more life-style writing as well.

Join me is welcoming the newest Kitchen Scoop addition: Taylor Gaither! Watch for her blog: "Gaither Gab" beginning tomorrow morning!



From Rheba Houser - July 18, 2013

Knowing this beautiful, talented young lady from the day she was born I agree that you have a jewel and she will never seize to amaze you with her talent and her love for food and her honesty. She will definitely tell it like it is. Good Luck to Kitchen Scoop and to Taylor Gaither

From Justin Shaw - July 18, 2013

I can't wait to try the hidden gems Taylor uncovers and hopefully she can guide me in the kitchen, aka The Place Food Goes to Burn.

From James M. Gaither, Jr. Proud Dad - July 19, 2013

Taylor I am so proud of you. The tears were running down my face last night and begin again as I retype what I said and lost when I got to the very end of it. You are and have been my hero from the day you were born. You have done amazing things all your life that not only Diane and I, but the rest of our family and many friends, a who have watched you grow up as a beautiful (on the inside too), honest, caring student, athlete, dog lover, comedian and person. WOW!!!!! And I thought you only liked filet, mashed potatoes with lots of butter and Bang Bang shrimp. My other heroes are LeAnn Kowalyk(daughter No. 1, mother of Davis (my unbelievable 10 year old grandson and wife of KC) who graduated from UNC Greensboro who also has your qualities and your step- brother, Nick Nelson, defending National Champion of the off road racing ULTRA 44 RACING SERIES (and 2013 Sportsman of the Year). I hate to keep using the term unbelievable, but he is also). Diane and Anna we did a pretty good job didn't we. Thank you so much for giving Taylor this opportunity Mrs. Ross. She will make you proud as well. I love you Taylor ( and Michael, Mugsy and Honey). Have a great day. WOW!!!!!

From alicia - July 19, 2013

@ Jim- My absolute pleasure to know and work with your daughter! You have every right to be as proud as you are! She's an amazing woman. I can't wait to say I knew her when....

From Kim Hudson - July 19, 2013

Jimmy Gaither - you know moved me to TEARS too ! Alicia - you have a Rock Star on your team! I've known Taylor for over 10 years and admire her zest for life, her insatiable appetite, her sense of adventure, knowledge of pop culture and.....most of all: she is one of the funniest people I've ever met. She is a great (and gorgeous) story teller so I know she'll tell your story well! CONGRATS BIG TAY! And let me know how I can help when you and Alicia start-up an Asheville-based effort! We need to cover the breadth of this great state.

From Taylor - July 23, 2013

Thanks to all of you! I love you all and have all been a huge part of my success!

From tina - July 24, 2013

Kim has a great idea - how about sending kitchen scoop on the road to snoop out the best places to eat across North Carolina? Sounds like Hickory may be a good place to start! Glad you have a new assistant in the kitchen!

From Jen Presutti - July 25, 2013

Congrats Taylor.....I saw your post on FB and decided to google this Kitchenscoop that you spoke of. Love the site and I am looking forward to following you on here. I know that your family is extremely proud of you, as they should be. You and Nick come from a fantastic family and I feel honored to have had the opportunity to meet all of you. Wishing you the best...keep reaching for the stars girl!!!!!!

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