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From   |  November 21, 2012
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Featured Recipe: Coconut Joys

Coconut Joys

Dear Alicia,

This is in response to your request for favorite recipes for the holidays. This is a recipe from Judy Walker of the Times-Picayune printed several years ago. It has become a favorite of our family. According to Judy, Coconut Joys were a winning recipe in a Chicago Tribune recipe contest. They are fast and easy but, oh so good.
I have enjoyed reading your column in the Birmingham News. Unfortunately, it appears they have discontinued printing your column since going to three day a week delivery. Thankfully, I can read you online.

Carol Gallien

Dear Carol,
Thank you so much for sharing this amazing cookie recipe. Everyone, and I mean everyone, who has tasted them, loves them. (Even those –“I don’t like coconut” people!)

Thanks, thanks, thanks!

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Coconut Joys

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