Steak for One - Why Not?

From   |  January 25, 2013
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Featured Recipe: Steak for one

Steak for one

Did you know that one out of seven adults live alone? According to Garret Keizer, author of Homeward Bound: The Rise of Multigenerational and One-Person Households, as of 2012 there are over 30 million people making up the second most common household type – single adults. (Published: March 2, 2012 NY Times Sunday Book Review).

What are over 30 million people eating for dinner? I bet it’s not steak they cooked themselves! But I asked myself, why not? I picked up a 5-ounce strip steak for 5.99/ lb – that’s only $2.50 for the steak, had some leftover mushrooms, a splash of red wine and some leftover gorgonzola cheese – and I knew I had dinner. All total, including and estimate for the leftovers and the baked potato, my dinner only cost five bucks and it was amazing!

I, for one, am tired of feeling like I have to eat blah food because it’s just me in the house. What’s wrong with sizzling up a steak every now and then? No special occasion required unless you are like me and celebrate the fact you get a good deal at the grocery.

Of course if you are cooking for more than one, it’s easy to sizzle more than one steak. Either way, don’t wait another minute. This recipe is classic, fast and easy.

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