Super Quick Cream of Vegetable Soup for Two

From   |  November 28, 2012
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Featured Recipe: Cream Of Vegetable Soup for Two

Cream Of Vegetable Soup for Two

Several years ago I read a report that more people cook between Thanksgiving day and New Years day than any other season of the year.  It’s not surprising, really. Planning a special menu this time of year is fun and festive.
But it’s not the special menu that stresses me out.  It’s dinner tonight! It seems I get even more desperate around those big “cooking” days than I do on the big day itself. I feel as if I spend so much time planning what that special meal will be, dinner rolling up to the big night suffers.
Today’s recipe for a super-quick Cream of Vegetable Soup is just the ticket we need for a stress-free mid-week dinner. It’s sized for two, although easily doubled or tripled if need be. It flies together start to finish in just 15 minutes and it will soothe the soul and feed hungriest.


From Kayjsharp - December 06, 2012

It looks very yummy!!!! I have heard about soup that it always gives us more energy than food which we consume everyday???

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Cream Of Vegetable Soup for Two

Cream Of Vegetable Soup for Two

November 28, 2012

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