Take and Bake Breads are my New Love

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Featured Recipe: Chicken “Caprese” Sub

Chicken “Caprese” Sub

I have a new food love in my life: take and bake baguettes. Have you seen them in your grocery store? They usually hide on the bottom shelf in the deli / bakery section below all the already baked breads. Cheap, pale and often overlooked, this is one of the best culinary secrets in the grocery bakery section.
My passion for fresh, out-of-the-oven baguettes started with my summer long residency in Paris where you could turn a corner and smell the perfectly baked breads beckoning you into the shop. Every morning one of us would stroll down a few doors from our apartment and purchase a freshly baked, hot-out-of-the-oven baguette to munch on for the rest of the day. Smeared with softened butter and jam for breakfast, sliced for mid-day sandwiches, broken off and dipped in herbs and oils or paired with cheese before dinner. We quickly learned that one was not enough and we’d buy two or three depending on the day.
Alas I don’t have a bakery around the corner here in my hometown, but since I found the take and bake baguettes and club sandwich rolls at the local grocery, I’ve been elated. Almost half price of prebaked “Artisan” baguettes, these delicious breads can’t be beat for home-baked flavor and texture.
Today’s recipe combines the best of the take and bake bread with the amazing flavors of an oven-fresh baked sandwich filled with chicken, fresh mozzarella and intense pesto. If you can’t find the take and bake rolls, a regular, already-baked sandwich roll works well. Just wrap the sandwich completely in foil as to not over-bake the roll. Enjoy!

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