What’s your favorite dish with leftover turkey?

From   |  November 26, 2011
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Featured Recipe: Turkey Tetrazzini

Turkey Tetrazzini

Do you have leftover turkey from Thanksgiving? What's your favorite way to serve the leftovers? Turkey sandwiches? Tetrazini? Soup or salad?

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From Alicia Ross - November 27, 2011

From Facebook: Walter N: Serving it via sandwich form with Dukes mayo and some black pepper... Truly the best! Judy Walker: Turkey Bone Gumbo.

From Martha in KS - November 27, 2011

My fave is a soft dinner roll with turkey breast & Miracle Whip. I'm now tiring of that so I'll have to get creative on day 4.

From Jim B. - November 27, 2011

I remember from years ago, and from a couple of years ago when this recipe was finally added here: http://kitchenscoop.com/recipes/turkey-tetrazzini/ MMMMMmmmmmmmmm....... Great!!!

From Alicia Ross - November 28, 2011

From Facebook: Cathy P: I'm a tetrazzini girl!

From Ellen - November 28, 2011

Turkey enchiladas are a must have with our leftover turkey. And a turkey sandwich spread (chopped turkey, mayonnaise, and diced dill pickles--so simple!)

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