What’s your favorite way to eat salsa?

From   |  January 22, 2013
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Featured Recipe: So Simple Salsa

So Simple Salsa

Like so many of my favorite recipes, this salsa recipe was born out of true desperation - a deep abiding salsa need. Seriously, I developed this recipe over 20 years ago when I had run out of my favorite bottled salsa. Since corn chips can not be eaten plain in my family, I had to rely on what was available and threw this simple recipe together. Since then it has become a family and friend's favorite.

Even though it is the dead of winter and cold and windy out, I still want a chips and salsa snack every now and then. As far as the leftovers, they are delicious on grilled chicken, steak and even mild white fish. There is so much flavor in this easy-to-make-salsa, it is a perennial favorite for spicing things up.

What's you favorite way to eat salsa?

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So Simple Salsa

So Simple Salsa

January 22, 2013

This unbelievably easy salsa is made in just under 5 minutes. Relying on Mexican-style stewed tomatoes, we punch up the flavor with fresh herbs, lime and garlic.

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